Roller shutters and bushfire safety

This is an older but still very interesting article by Ian Weir, Head of Landscape Architecture at Queensland University of Technology about building bushfire safe homes and roller shutters:

While perhaps not a concern for metropolitan Adelaide homes, we don’t have to travel far from suburbia to be in fire danger areas in this South Australia.  We can assist with bushfire rated roller shutters – if you have any queries please call (84473443) or email us (


Roller Shutters before Christmas 2015 in Adelaide

An update for customers on our Christmas/New Year schedule – if you would like new roller shutters installed before Christmas 2015, we can take bookings up to the 4th December.  We apologise for the early date, however we have some advance bookings already in place and in order to guarantee installation by December 24th we will need all orders confirmed by 4th December.

Our open dates for repairs over Christmas/New Years in Adelaide will be published soon.

If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us on 8447 3443.

Upstairs roller shutter repair

We recently had some upstairs roller shutters to repair.  The second story wasn’t overly high as such; but the shutters were in an awkward position so we needed to break out some serious scaffolding:

scaff height-opt          scaff height curtain-opt












Great view! (Not the ocean – the roller shutters – nearly fixed and ready to roll!)













Thanks to SA locals Grove Scaff for keeping our team safe!







Broken roller shutter + cactus = a very happy customer

We’ve had a real run of positive customer feedback these past few weeks!  Here’s one example from a customer who was appreciative of our tech Rolando, who recently faced down an overgrown cactus to reach a roller shutter in need of repair…

Cactus 1 : Rolando’s vest 0

Cactus Jacket!_opt

Ouch!  And so to thank Rolando for his enthusiasm and commitment to fixing her roller shutters, our appreciative customer sent across this lovely note – and a gift card!

Woodville letter jpeg


Curtain replacement at Ingle Farm

Curtain bulge visible below

Curtain bulge visible below

We recently repaired a shutter that wasn’t opening or closing at all.  The issue was the ‘curtain’ – which is that part of the shutter that goes up and down and is made up of a number of aluminium ‘slats’.

This curtain had been through the wringer; it was severely bulging in places, some of the slats had been bent back the wrong way (consistent with the curtain being rolled back in on itself under pressure) and we even found boot prints (!!) on the inside of the curtain.


slat bent back on itself 201505

Slat damage after being bent back on itself



To get this shutter operational again, we made a new curtain to fit, installed it and up it went – perfect operation.  Plus – the new curtain looks incredible too!  Check out the before and after below!


Curtain before and after

Curtain before and after

Does your roller shutter need a facelift (or do you just need a roller shutter fixed)?  Call us on 8447 3443.

Happy New Year 2015

Hello all, welcome to 2015!HNY 2015_opt


We all had a wonderful break with family and friends are are refreshed and ready for another busy year.  On a more sombre note, our very last job before the Christmas break was in Humbug Scrub – our thoughts go out to those affected by the bushfires here in the Adelaide Hills & SA wide – we’re hoping everyone stays safe.

We are all back at work today and getting out there to help folks already with their roller shutters!  We pretty much booked out this week back before the holidays even started, but give us a call if you need a roller shutter repair and we’ll do our best to get you an appointment as soon as we can.

Adelaide’s helping hands

We’ve just had yet another call from a kind neighbour calling to arrange a roller shutter repair on behalf of a neighbour in need and it has inspired this post!

We often get calls from people who are helping out others in their street. They call to help out an elderly neighbour, or someone who isn’t very confident with their english skills over the phone. Quite often they will also be our key contact for the repair job, and will even be there when our technician comes to call!

It’s really uplifting to get calls like this and to know that people out there are really caring and watching out for those in our community who might need it from time to time – and though you all always do it without expectation of payment or thanks, we’d just like to acknowledge it and say – THANK YOU!

Roller shutter cleaning Adelaide

Having clean roller shutters feels great – you’re protecting your valuable investment and keeping your house looking great.  Need more reasons to clean your shutters regularly?  How about keeping them clean to flush out these “little” guys:

Scary Shutters!


Unfortunately we come across a lot of poor spiders that weren’t incy wincy enough to escape being caught in a rolled up shutter; this little fella was just inside the pelmet line when we prepared this shutter curtain for cleaning.  (These slats are 42mm high, to give you an idea of the size of this “little” critter).

Insects are not the only ones to find their way into roller shutters; dirt build up is a problem over time, especially if you live near a main road.

Inside pelmet cover before cleaning


Inside pelmet cover after cleaning


We can take care of cleaning shutters for you; we pressure clean the entire shutter curtain, on BOTH SIDES (yes, we know how to get to the side of the shutter directly facing the window), and we clean inside the pelmet box as well. Get in touch with us on 8447 3443 to finish off your spring cleaning quickly and easily.

Shutter Rejuvenation, Chapter 2, Accent Slats Continued!

In our last blog we started looking at options for homeowners to spruce up older or out of style roller shutters.  For roller shutters with ‘accent’ slats, there are a few options to change the contrasting colour in your curtain.  One option is to replace those individual slats with the contrasting colour.  While this may still result in a slightly different shade of the new slats, it can really help to remove dominant accent colours for an overall lighter look.

Depending on how your shutter was made, you may also have the luck to have sufficient slats in your curtain to enable a change-out of upper slats to replace the coloured accent slats.  For example, if the curtain is cream with 2 heritage red accent slats in the lower third of the shutter, the two red slats may be repositioned on the curtain to be closest to the axle at the top of the curtain; and the two cream slats at the top of the curtain moved downward so that the visible part of the curtain is only cream slats.  It’s hard to explain – check out my diagram!

moving accent slats

This option won’t be available to everyone, and will depend on whether your roller shutter has those “extra” couple of slats.   Also, if you have too many accent slats, it’s very unlikely there will be enough extra slats to replace the coloured accent slats.  There’s unfortunately no guarantee that you will have sufficient ‘extra’ slats to do this, even if you only have 2 accent slats.  You’ll need to check what your shutter has before banking on this solution.

Again – remember – no painting of slats!  Instead, stay tuned for our next article for yet another option for revamping an older roller shutter curtain!