Christmas 2014

What a year!  It’s hard to believe we’re so close to Christmas already!!

It’s been a hugely busy and successful 2014 for us – we’ve been blessed with so many wonderful customers!  Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support, not only our customers but to all our wonderful local suppliers; what an amazing local community we have, we’re so proud to live and work in South Australia.

xmas 2

For the first time ever, we’re closing down for a short break over the Christmas period.  We’ll be closed from December 25 through to and including January 3.  We reopen on 5th January.

As of the date of this post, we do still have a few appointment times available this week (ending 20th December), and there are still times available on Monday 22th, Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th.  We’ll do our best to get people booked in as always, but where you can, contact us early to have the best chance of securing a time.

We wish everyone the very best for a wonderful festive season, and urge you all to stay safe and look out for one another at this hectic time of year.

– Belinda, Margit, Martina, Candice, Jack, Rolando, Carmine and Allan!

Adelaide’s roller shutter repair man missing in action!?

Our customers will recognise our dapper roller shutter repairman from our fleet trucks, website and paperwork:

The Roller Shutter Repair Man!


Unfortunately, one of our roller shutter repair men is now missing in action!  Sometime last night one of the pair of our signs for our Nissan was (presumably) pilfered….leaving us anxiously awaiting news of his wellbeing and whereabouts.

Luckily he’s a good looking chap, so he won’t be hard to recognise.  If you happen to see him looking lost around the streets of Adelaide, you can help us out by doing two things:

1/ please take note of our number for your future roller shutter repair needs and,

2/ please take note of our number and call us to reunite our team!

We do cover all of Adelaide to fix roller shutters, so we’ll be able to drop past and pick him up pronto, wherever he’s gotten to!  Thanks all!

Phone contact details

Hello everyone – we’ve just been told by our service provider that there is a fault on the line impacting our area – so you may not be able to get through to us on our office number 8447 3443 at the moment.  While we try and get our calls diverted, in the meantime you can reach us on 0419 878 572.  We apologise for any inconvenience – in fact we pass on the apologies from our phone company as well!

On a positive note – all TRSRC vehicles are back on the road this week!  Once the phone is operational again we will be back to normal operations!  (Well, as normal as we get here!!!)!

The TRSRC Roller shutter fixing fleet

We’re very excited to get our Blue ute back on the road tomorrow (touch wood!), after having it in the shop for just over a week!  We expect our other 4WD to be back in our hands on Monday/Tuesday next week as well.


A big thank you to customers who have agreed to move their appointments for us while we get these babies back on the road!  We will be working from dawn to dusk over the next few days to catch up – which is actually a good thing as there’s only so much prep work and factory cleaning our team can do before they’re desperate to get out and get fixing again!

We look forward to seeing you on the road around Adelaide again soon!

It doesn’t rain, it pours!

We have two hardworking 4×4’s in our TRSRC fleet, which you will normally see zipping around Adelaide looking downright sharp with spiffy signage and a whole lot of equipment on board.  Unfortunately, in unrelated incidents, BOTH of our workhorses are out of action!IMG-20140821-WA0001_opt

This one caught it from a reversing car whilst innocently parked nearby – it will be a week in the shop having panels replaced and painted etc…

Meanwhile as of yesterday our blue dual cab is up on high in the workshop while a mysterious ‘tap tap tap tap TAP TAP TAP TAP’ is diagnosed…

That leaves us with the office ute, commandeered to keep Adelaide’s roller shutter maintenance and repairs happening – so please bear with us folks as we may need to delay some of our height work – getting our biggest ladders around at the moment is difficult!

Fingers crossed too please that bad luck doesn’t always come in threes…we don’t want to lose the office ute as well!


Our warranty

We’re pleased to advise that we have published full details of our warranty on our website.  While it’s not as short and simple as we’d like, we are glad to provide the extra detail so that consumers can engage our services and be confident in what to expect.  Having to read a bit of extra detail is a small price to pay for extra protection for our customers as consumers and for us as a service provider.  Roller shutters are a significant investment for homeowners, so we figure it will be a reassurance to many to be able to read the ‘fine print’ upfront (in not-so-fine print)!

Have a read of the warranty details here.

Meanwhile, has anyone noticed that the last couple of days in Adelaide haven’t been quite so chilly, and there’s that scent of summer on the horizon?  Or is it just me and I’m being way too optimistic!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy New Financial Year!

After our recent series of articles about roller shutter renovation, it’s time for a more lighthearted post. (Also, we’re really busy with the paper side of things given the financial year has just ended!). I don’t know the original source of this image to credit it, so my apologies to the original author, but I thought I’d share a funny image I stumbled across that made me smile:

Cheaper may end up more expensive in the long run!

It’s a lighthearted picture but I think there’s some truth to it as well! (And no, I don’t mean to say we’re in the business of drawing any kind of winged horse on roller shutters)!

Hot enough for you Adelaide?

Hot enough for you Adelaide?

Hot enough for you Adelaide?

Now that we’re finally back down in the lower 40’s, I can risk firing up my computer for a few hours without it melting…!  Just an update to say a belated Happy New Year, and for those of you who made new year’s resolutions to survive consecutive hot days, including one day as the hottest city in the world….well done, you’ve made it!

Kudos to our boys who have been working in this heat to keep people’s roller shutters working – special mention to Jack who has been out nearly every day in this heat helping Adelaideans keep cool.