Christmas hours and good news for us

In our last post we were lamenting the ill-health of our Numero Uno work ute Felicity (she was not living up to her lucky name last week) – but we are now happy to report that she is back on the road thanks to the great folks at Woodville Auto Wreckers (based at Gillman, actually, not Woodville)!  While it’s never great to have a car break down, we are very lucky to have found such a great local auto shop who did their best to get us back on the road asap.  So the lucky people of Adelaide can now see Felicity out and about ferrying our techs to fix roller shutters!


Thanks to Freepik for the Christmas image 🙂

This Christmas we will be working up until Saturday 24th December; we will be closed from 25th Dec to 1st January, and back to work from Monday 2nd January.  We may be able to assist with emergency call-outs over this time; if we are able to attend a holiday surcharge will apply.

We do still have a couple of appointment slots available in the week before Christmas so if you do have a roller shutter that needs attention before Christmas please call us asap on 84473443 to secure a time.

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Adelaide Christmas 2016

It seems that despite our best efforts at being good – the best, even – it seems we have been naughty at least once this year!  Santa has delivered us an early lump of coal: our workhorse Numero Uno is out of commission, suffering a broken differential which broke as we were leaving a customer’s home yesterday.  Here she is, being given a ride back to the depot.


Getting a lift home.

Getting a lift home.

Already busy with roller shutter repairs in the leadup to Christmas; unfortunately we have had to delay some customer’s appointments to accomodate a couple of days in the repair shop.  Thank you to all customers who have been understanding while we reshuffle appointments – we will do our best to get Numero Uno back on the road asap!

Our new premises



We have moved to our new premises at 2 Hopkins St Wingfield. We have had a busy few weeks cleaning, organising and moving; and there is still some work ahead to fully set up operations at the new premises. We will be helping our customers in Adelaide (and beyond) as normal during this period for roller shutter repairs; however we won’t be ready for customer walk-ins until we get our new showroom completed.

At this stage we’re hoping to open the new showroom around May this year – watch this space for further updates!

A big thank you to all the staff at TRSRC who have worked so hard packing up the old workshop. It’s been a hard slog, yet everyone’s still so enthusiastic to get the new workshop up and running. THANK YOU!

Big News!

Happy New Year!

What better day to announce some special news for TRSRC – we’re moving to new premises in 2016!  We anticipate opening our new showroom in February/March 2016.  Between now and then our current office will be closed to allow us to work on the move – stay posted for updates as we transition to the exciting new premises in early 2016!

All the best for a happy and healthy 2016, from the TRSRC team.

Roller Shutters before Christmas 2015 in Adelaide

An update for customers on our Christmas/New Year schedule – if you would like new roller shutters installed before Christmas 2015, we can take bookings up to the 4th December.  We apologise for the early date, however we have some advance bookings already in place and in order to guarantee installation by December 24th we will need all orders confirmed by 4th December.

Our open dates for repairs over Christmas/New Years in Adelaide will be published soon.

If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us on 8447 3443.


“Fantastic!  Fantastic!  I’m absolutely thrilled!  Fantastic!  Everything was fantastic!  Jack was fantastic!  Thank you so much!  Did I say you were fantastic?”Positive Feedback!


This is the feedback we received from Jane, a – fantastically – happy customer in Enfield.  Jane contacted us asking for a price on new motors for her 8 roller shutters.  She was quite clear that she wanted new motors, and wanted to change from her existing 12V system to a 240V (mains) system.  I went through a few of our fact-finding questions with Jane before giving her a price, and discovered that she’d been told that she needed to convert to 240V power as her existing system was ‘illegal’.  This didn’t quite ring true, so we offered to pop past and eyeball the shutters and provide a free quote based on our own observations.

Of course, there was nothing ‘illegal’ about her roller shutter set up, and we ended up simply changing over batteries and a fuse, and all 8 shutters were fully operational once again.  We saved Jane from laying out for 8 new roller shutter motors unnecessarily, which she was prepared to do before deciding to call us for a price comparison.  We think this is why Jane now can’t use our name in a sentence without also using the word fantastic!

Call us today for a no-obligation free quote to fix your roller shutters, on 8447 3443.


Happy New Year 2015

Hello all, welcome to 2015!HNY 2015_opt


We all had a wonderful break with family and friends are are refreshed and ready for another busy year.  On a more sombre note, our very last job before the Christmas break was in Humbug Scrub – our thoughts go out to those affected by the bushfires here in the Adelaide Hills & SA wide – we’re hoping everyone stays safe.

We are all back at work today and getting out there to help folks already with their roller shutters!  We pretty much booked out this week back before the holidays even started, but give us a call if you need a roller shutter repair and we’ll do our best to get you an appointment as soon as we can.

Christmas 2014

What a year!  It’s hard to believe we’re so close to Christmas already!!

It’s been a hugely busy and successful 2014 for us – we’ve been blessed with so many wonderful customers!  Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support, not only our customers but to all our wonderful local suppliers; what an amazing local community we have, we’re so proud to live and work in South Australia.

xmas 2

For the first time ever, we’re closing down for a short break over the Christmas period.  We’ll be closed from December 25 through to and including January 3.  We reopen on 5th January.

As of the date of this post, we do still have a few appointment times available this week (ending 20th December), and there are still times available on Monday 22th, Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th.  We’ll do our best to get people booked in as always, but where you can, contact us early to have the best chance of securing a time.

We wish everyone the very best for a wonderful festive season, and urge you all to stay safe and look out for one another at this hectic time of year.

– Belinda, Margit, Martina, Candice, Jack, Rolando, Carmine and Allan!

Adelaide’s roller shutter repair man missing in action!?

Our customers will recognise our dapper roller shutter repairman from our fleet trucks, website and paperwork:

The Roller Shutter Repair Man!


Unfortunately, one of our roller shutter repair men is now missing in action!  Sometime last night one of the pair of our signs for our Nissan was (presumably) pilfered….leaving us anxiously awaiting news of his wellbeing and whereabouts.

Luckily he’s a good looking chap, so he won’t be hard to recognise.  If you happen to see him looking lost around the streets of Adelaide, you can help us out by doing two things:

1/ please take note of our number for your future roller shutter repair needs and,

2/ please take note of our number and call us to reunite our team!

We do cover all of Adelaide to fix roller shutters, so we’ll be able to drop past and pick him up pronto, wherever he’s gotten to!  Thanks all!