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Compiling all our positive feedback into a dedicated testimonials page is definitely on my to-do list – trouble is, my to-do list seems to rival “War and Peace” in length these days!

War and Peace vs my To-Do list. OK W&P still wins by a bit…and yes, those pages underneath are all my ACTUAL to-do’s!


We received this testimonial today and I thought it was too good to wait until we get around to launching our testimonials page – so here it is!

“We needed a repair on our Roller Shutters at our property in Adelaide, we live in rural SA and had no idea who could help us fortunately I googled the Roller Shutter Repair Company, best call I ever made.

It was over the Xmas break I still got a reply to my email, a repair booking was made and Belinda looked after everything. This was an awesome experience of Service and Reliability given that some Tradies don’t care much. The Tech guy (Jack) was on time and explained to my daughter who lives at the property what was wrong and fixed the problem in a flash, and you know what the cost was more than reasonable!! .

Belinda your Company is awesome, you did everything you said you would and we are most grateful for your assistance. I highly recommend the staff and service from the Roller Shutter Repair Company, if you have problems call Belinda, this will be the best call you have ever made and your roller shutter will love you too, Great People, Great Service and realistic Prices. Peter”

It’s such a great feeling to get positive feedback – to all those customers out there who take the time to call/email/write to us in thanks – we really do appreciate it and it makes our jobs that much more enjoyable.  Thank you.


Buying a house with roller shutters?

Are you considering buying a house with roller shutters?   We have some simple advice on a quick and easy way to save yourself some money and heartache!

We recently attended a job in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, where a new homeowner was left scratching his head over how to operate the roller shutters in his new home.  There was no switch on the wall, no remote controls and no manual winder in evidence.  The shutters were stuck up and there was no way to lower them, so he gave us a call.

Do they make "mind-control" roller shutters?

Do they make “mind-control” roller shutters?

When we arrived we were able to confirm the customer’s suspicions – the roller shutters were in fact only fixed to the outside wall and were not actually installed!  The shutters were in fact just an empty shell mounted to the wall.  It appears that the previous owner had them put up just to increase the perceived value of the house prior to sale; or perhaps they had them there as a ‘security’ feature (rather like those fake security cameras that can be mounted to look like real cameras).

Either way – it’s always a good idea to check that each roller shutter is working!  A home is a big investment and roller shutters do add value – don’t be afraid to ask to see each shutter operational before making a purchase decision!

Rolling Roller Shutter Renovation

We’re currently working on a project with a client in the Adelaide Hills.Before 1(2)


The brief: replace all the old, neglected roller shutters with new, on-trend, motorised roller shutters.

We’re working with our client two roller shutters at a time for affordability; at the project outset After 1(1)
we drew up the plans for all shutters, priced it up, and keep the plans in the office and as the client can afford it, we make and install the shutters.

This has worked really well for our client, as it provides peace of mind for continuity of design, while also giving them the flexibility to pay for them as they reach their savings milestones (Before 2(2)
rather than going into debt to get all the shutters made at once).  From our perspective, it’s no drama keeping client’s blueprints on file; we keep an electronic office and to be honest, it’s wonderful going on that journey with a customer as they slowly progress toward a totally renovated home and totally realised vision!

After 2(2)