Our website is finally back up and running after a technical issue – our apologies if you’ve been trying to reach us. Yes, we are still in business! We are heading into our busiest time of the year, if you have any roller shutter repairs needed, or want to order new roller shutters, call us 8447 3443 or email us at:

To celebrate (totally coincidentally!!) being back online, we are super excited to announce that we now make roller shutters in new colours: Dune and Surfmist!

Just in time for Christmas, Surfmist and Dune are amongst our most requested colours.

If you are wanting to spruce up your place with a surfmist roller shutter, or perhaps a Dune roller shutter better matches your decor – give us a call on 8447 3443.


Exciting news: there are two new roller shutter colours available – JASPER and MONUMENT! We’ll have some new roller shutter pictures to upload soon, but with Christmas coming up, we wanted to get the news out a.s.a.p.!

Monument is our most frequently requested colour match of recent years; it’s great to finally be able to provide such a popular shade! For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us on 84473443.

TRSRC – Helping babies sleep!

We recently got some feedback which has turned out to be one of my favourite testimonials of all time: a Mum thanking us for helping her baby off to the land of nod!

We recently installed a roller shutter to the nursery window for new Mum Janelle, and she has been very happy with the near-total darkness the shutter provides, even at 1pm in the afternoon.

She texted us her delight, as well as a snapchat image she’d sent to a friend:

I was putting the baby down for her nap and trying to reply to a friend with a funny faced snap chat when i realised its too dark to do so ūüĎĆ

Thanks for the feedback – we love to hear how our shutters are making people’s lives better (and it doesn’t get much better than helping newborns sleep)!

If you have a bub or are expecting and like the idea of the quiet and darkness a shutter can provide for naptimes, call us on 84473443 for a free quote on a new roller shutter today.

Close the window before closing the roller shutter.

It’s officially a trend; this week we’ve been called every single day of the week to fix a roller shutter that has been closed onto an open window!

Homeowners with awning windows (windows that open outward, as opposed to sliding open) run the risk of damaging their motorised roller shutters by accidentally leaving an awning window too far open and then trying to close the shutter.  The open window will obstruct the roller shutter and prevent it from closing. If this happens, stop the shutter motor as soon as possible Рmore damage is done the longer the motor is left running.  Same if the shutter is closed onto any other obstruction, e.g. a broom handle.

Once the obstruction is removed, be wary as the curtain may fall down at high speed. ¬†If there are any funny noises or the shutter refuses to open/move afterward, it’s time to give us a call on 8447 3443 for advice or a free quote to repair.

Helpful tips for homeowners with awning windows and roller shutters:

  • leave the windows open through the summer months (winter too if you’re brave!) to just short of where the roller shutter passes down. This gives you the benefit of air circulation without having to judge the distance every day.
  • if you have a remote control for your shutter and you’ve opened the awning window right out, remove the remote control from its cradle and place the remote near the open window. ¬†Then when it’s time to close the roller shutter – you’ll have to find the remote by the window before you can close the shutter, jogging your memory that the window is open and needs to be closed!

Woodland Grey now a standard roller shutter colour!

Some exiting news in the Adelaide new roller shutter industry: we can now supply & install Woodland Grey domestic roller shutters as a standard colour!  This includes the top box, side guides and bottom bar; the whole shutter can be done in Woodland Grey at no extra cost (previously powder-coating charges would apply).

It’s always fantastic to see the roller shutter standard ranges extended – the demand is certainly there as Woodland Grey seems to be the go-to colour of the moment – it’s great to be able to match your shutter colour with surrounding features for a seamless look.

Woodland Grey is a great way to achieve a dramatic colour block result which still accentuates and complements surrounding features.  Not convinced?  Check out a couple more we have recently installed:

What do you think? ¬†Are you in the market for new roller shutters – and would you consider the boldness of a darker shutter shade? ¬†Give us a call on 84473443 for advice on roller shutter colour schemes, as well as any other roller shutter related queries you may have – we’re happy to help!

Roller shutter advice – windy weather

As I’m typing, Adelaide is being lashed with winds up to 60km per hour, with a possible thunderstorm developing throughout the afternoon. ¬†Even if I couldn’t see the trees nearly bent sideways out the office window, I’d know there was wild weather in Adelaide judging by the number of panicked calls we’ve received today from people whose shutters have been blown off their walls. ¬†Yep: blown – off – the – walls!

Just a little breeze

In weather like this where very heavy wind is hitting the home, we strongly recommend roller shutters be either completely rolled up, or completely rolled down.  Leaving a shutter partially rolled up provides an avenue for a gust of wind to funnel into and potentially lift the curtain Рor the whole shutter Рaway from the wall.

Don’t be too worried though; roller shutters will generally only ever come away from the wall if they are oversize width-wise, have been left partially open in high gusts of wind, or have been very poorly installed.

If you have shutters affected by today’s weather please give us a call on 8447 3443. ¬†We now have a few extremely busy days ahead however we will give you what advice we can over the phone and schedule a time asap to get out and have a look at any damage.

Roller shutters and bushfire safety

This is an older but still very interesting article by Ian Weir, Head of Landscape Architecture at Queensland University of Technology about building bushfire safe homes and roller shutters:

While perhaps not a concern for metropolitan Adelaide homes, we don’t have to travel far from suburbia to be in fire danger areas in this South Australia. ¬†We can assist with bushfire rated roller shutters – if you have any queries please call (84473443) or email us (


Broken roller shutter + cactus = a very happy customer

We’ve had a real run of positive customer feedback these past few weeks! ¬†Here’s one example from a customer who was appreciative of our tech Rolando, who recently faced down an overgrown cactus to reach a roller shutter in need of repair…

Cactus¬†1 : Rolando’s vest 0

Cactus Jacket!_opt

Ouch!  And so to thank Rolando for his enthusiasm and commitment to fixing her roller shutters, our appreciative customer sent across this lovely note Рand a gift card!

Woodville letter jpeg


Happy New Financial Year!

After our recent series of articles about roller shutter renovation, it’s time for a more lighthearted post. (Also, we’re really busy with the paper side of things given the financial year has just ended!). I don’t know the original source of this image to credit it, so my apologies to the original author, but I thought I’d share a funny image I stumbled across that made me smile:

Cheaper may end up more expensive in the long run!

It’s a lighthearted picture but I think there’s some truth to it as well! (And no, I don’t mean to say we’re in the business of drawing any kind of winged horse on roller shutters)!

Shutter Rejuvenation – Chapter 4, The Curtain!

Our last few posts have covered some of the options you have for brightening up the look of older shutters. Good roller shutters should last decades; if you need to update the look of your shutters, don’t scrap a robust shutter altogether, give it a facelift!

So far we’ve covered these options:

  • Replacing only the accent-coloured slats
  • Moving (and hiding) the accent-coloured or damaged slats
  • Painting the ‘border’ of a roller shutter

What to do with these perfectly good - but no longer matching - roller shutters post renovation?

What to do with these perfectly good – but no longer matching – roller shutters post renovation?

These are all inexpensive and quick ways to give your shutter a fresh look.¬† Have a look back through our blog to see detailed posts on any of these three options.¬† For now, there’s one more thing you can do to spruce up an old shutter. It’s the most expensive option, but also the most effective and still significantly less than a whole new shutter:

  • Replacing the curtain

The ‘curtain’ of a roller shutter is the whole ‘sheet’ of aluminium slats in the centre of your shutter.¬† It takes up the most room and is where any damage or different colouring is therefore most obvious.¬† People often aren’t aware that you can change a whole curtain of a roller shutter; yes, we can!

This is a great option for shutters that are now out of place against your existing colour scheme, or for shutters that have been damaged/weathered excessively and our earlier tips for touching up and hiding just won’t cut it.¬† Replacing a curtain, and just painting the surrounding border (and doing it well!), can practically give you a brand-new looking shutter at a fraction of the price.

By changing the curtain in it’s entirety, you can also chance the profile of your shutter. At the moment the trend is toward a minimalist, clean line; you can change an older double line shutter for a smooth single line profile with just a simple curtain change.

A new curtain will also allow you to take advantage of today’s excellent protective paint finishes. Our slats are all finished in PU/PA – polyurethane/polyamide, which provide an excellent abrasion resistant finish.

If you’re in the Adelaide area and would like our help on your roller shutter rejuvenation project, give us a call on 8447 3443. We can fit replacement slats, partial or full curtains to roller shutters and provide advice on colour and finish. Happy renovating!