Our warranty

We’re pleased to advise that we have published full details of our warranty on our website.  While it’s not as short and simple as we’d like, we are glad to provide the extra detail so that consumers can engage our services and be confident in what to expect.  Having to read a bit of extra detail is a small price to pay for extra protection for our customers as consumers and for us as a service provider.  Roller shutters are a significant investment for homeowners, so we figure it will be a reassurance to many to be able to read the ‘fine print’ upfront (in not-so-fine print)!

Have a read of the warranty details here.

Meanwhile, has anyone noticed that the last couple of days in Adelaide haven’t been quite so chilly, and there’s that scent of summer on the horizon?  Or is it just me and I’m being way too optimistic!

Have a great week everyone!