Roller shutter cleaning Adelaide

Having clean roller shutters feels great – you’re protecting your valuable investment and keeping your house looking great.  Need more reasons to clean your shutters regularly?  How about keeping them clean to flush out these “little” guys:

Scary Shutters!


Unfortunately we come across a lot of poor spiders that weren’t incy wincy enough to escape being caught in a rolled up shutter; this little fella was just inside the pelmet line when we prepared this shutter curtain for cleaning.  (These slats are 42mm high, to give you an idea of the size of this “little” critter).

Insects are not the only ones to find their way into roller shutters; dirt build up is a problem over time, especially if you live near a main road.

Inside pelmet cover before cleaning


Inside pelmet cover after cleaning


We can take care of cleaning shutters for you; we pressure clean the entire shutter curtain, on BOTH SIDES (yes, we know how to get to the side of the shutter directly facing the window), and we clean inside the pelmet box as well. Get in touch with us on 8447 3443 to finish off your spring cleaning quickly and easily.