Rolling Roller Shutter Renovation

We’re currently working on a project with a client in the Adelaide Hills.Before 1(2)


The brief: replace all the old, neglected roller shutters with new, on-trend, motorised roller shutters.

We’re working with our client two roller shutters at a time for affordability; at the project outset After 1(1)
we drew up the plans for all shutters, priced it up, and keep the plans in the office and as the client can afford it, we make and install the shutters.

This has worked really well for our client, as it provides peace of mind for continuity of design, while also giving them the flexibility to pay for them as they reach their savings milestones (Before 2(2)
rather than going into debt to get all the shutters made at once).  From our perspective, it’s no drama keeping client’s blueprints on file; we keep an electronic office and to be honest, it’s wonderful going on that journey with a customer as they slowly progress toward a totally renovated home and totally realised vision!

After 2(2)