Shiny New Shutters

Now that we’re online, we’ve decided to take photos of the roller shutters we repair and install to show off our work!  At the end of September we had a job in Darlington to repair some older shutters, and install new shutters to replace some really ancient shutters.

201309darlington (5) opt

Two of the new roller shutters Jack installed.  As we’re installing brand new shutters with a mix of older roller shutters, it’s important to keep a uniform look to the whole house, so we matched the colours as closely as we could, as well as matching the style of slat, pelmet and guides.  There’s a lot more to roller shutters than just picking the right colour!  There’s also more to installation than just slapping the shutter on the wall – note the flat roof, which can present quite a challenge to installers depending on the roofing materials used.

201309darlington (6) opt

Whilst the colours of the old and new aren’t exactly the same, we were able to advise the owner of the colour details of the South Australian made roller shutters we use so they can match the colour later by painting the guides and pelmet.  Note that slats can’t be painted – but you can replace the ‘curtain’ of the roller shutter to ensure a totally even result.  This is a much more economical option than just installing a whole new roller shutter, especially where the existing shutter is in fair condition.

There are a whole lot of options to explore when installing roller shutters, and today more than ever roller shutters can be a valuable aesthetic asset and improve the value of a home.