Shutter Rejuvenation – Chapter 1, Accent Slats!

We had a couple of calls last week about rejuvenation options for older roller shutters.  In particular, people were after guidance on their options for removing ‘accent stripes’ – those slats that are a contrasting colour to the rest of the shutter curtain.

Roller shutter with accent slats

Roller shutter with accent slats

There are a few options for homeowners.  Depending on the condition of your curtain, you may elect to only change the offending contrasting colour slats.  Bear in mind though, colour matching a curtain that’s been exposed to sun for years (especially Adelaide sun!) may be difficult, so you should still plan on the new slats being a contrast to the original curtain.  This would be an option for people looking to remove very dark brown accent slats and perhaps replace them with a light brown or beige, to lighten the overall look of a shutter.  It could also suit people looking to remove heritage red or dark green contrast slats where original matching appointments (e.g. matching green gutters/trim) have been changed.

We’ll cover some of the other options in future posts – in the meantime, please don’t be tempted to paint an existing curtain!  That applies to individual slats as well!  The roller shutter curtain is in constant motion and constant contact when opened and closed; any paint applied will quickly scratch/rub off and leave the shutter looking worse than before.  It may also damage the shutter and result in a costly repair exercise.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate an older shutter with a colour change – put down the paintbrush and pick up the phone and call us – or check back here to read the rest of the options available in future posts!