Shutter Rejuvenation – Chapter 4, The Curtain!

Our last few posts have covered some of the options you have for brightening up the look of older shutters. Good roller shutters should last decades; if you need to update the look of your shutters, don’t scrap a robust shutter altogether, give it a facelift!

So far we’ve covered these options:

  • Replacing only the accent-coloured slats
  • Moving (and hiding) the accent-coloured or damaged slats
  • Painting the ‘border’ of a roller shutter
What to do with these perfectly good - but no longer matching - roller shutters post renovation?

What to do with these perfectly good – but no longer matching – roller shutters post renovation?

These are all inexpensive and quick ways to give your shutter a fresh look.  Have a look back through our blog to see detailed posts on any of these three options.  For now, there’s one more thing you can do to spruce up an old shutter. It’s the most expensive option, but also the most effective and still significantly less than a whole new shutter:

  • Replacing the curtain

The ‘curtain’ of a roller shutter is the whole ‘sheet’ of aluminium slats in the centre of your shutter.  It takes up the most room and is where any damage or different colouring is therefore most obvious.  People often aren’t aware that you can change a whole curtain of a roller shutter; yes, we can!

This is a great option for shutters that are now out of place against your existing colour scheme, or for shutters that have been damaged/weathered excessively and our earlier tips for touching up and hiding just won’t cut it.  Replacing a curtain, and just painting the surrounding border (and doing it well!), can practically give you a brand-new looking shutter at a fraction of the price.

By changing the curtain in it’s entirety, you can also chance the profile of your shutter. At the moment the trend is toward a minimalist, clean line; you can change an older double line shutter for a smooth single line profile with just a simple curtain change.

A new curtain will also allow you to take advantage of today’s excellent protective paint finishes. Our slats are all finished in PU/PA – polyurethane/polyamide, which provide an excellent abrasion resistant finish.

If you’re in the Adelaide area and would like our help on your roller shutter rejuvenation project, give us a call on 8447 3443. We can fit replacement slats, partial or full curtains to roller shutters and provide advice on colour and finish. Happy renovating!