Roller shutter cleaning in Adelaide – open season on dirty shutters!

Did you know we offer roller shutter cleaning? With the arrival of the warmer weather, we are once again offering roller shutter cleaning. Call us on 8447 3443 to book in. If you’d like to schedule your roller shutters to be cleaned, we only offer this service during the warmer months, so please contact us sooner rather than later.

The best maintenance you can perform on your roller shutters is to keep them clean, and of course take early action when you notice any problems with normal roller shutter operation.

Our roller shutter cleaning service removes dirt from both the inside and outside of your roller shutter. That’s right, we can get to the inside of the curtain, which is often impossible for owners to reach themselves. The guides and pelmet are cleaned as well, leaving your shutters clean inside and out.

To inquire about our roller shutter cleaning service, please call us on 8447 3443.

Working roller shutters make a difference.

Customer Thanks
A grateful customer (stars added for privacy) 🙂

Just wanted to share a lovely thank-you note we received from one of our customers. We get a lot of positive verbal feedback which helps us to know we’re doing the right thing, but it’s always super nice to get something sent in to us!

If you have roller shutters then you know how great they are – and just like our customer above, will miss them when they’re not working. So if you have a broken roller shutter in Adelaide, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 8447 3443 and get your shutters working again.