Why we’re in this business

Of course, we run our business to make a living, but The Roller Shutter Repair Company is much more than that for us.  It’s a chance to be outdoors in beautiful Adelaide doing what we love – and it’s also a chance to make a real difference to people’s lives every day.

Sure, fixing a broken roller shutter isn’t going to change the world – but we can make someone’s day with a simple, convenient, reliable and friendly service.  It’s honestly such a pleasure when someone calls us after a visit to thank us for our work…sometimes money’s not the be-all and end-all.

In case of bad days, and so we don’t forget why we do this, we’re going to record all the positive feedback we get on this page!  As I improve my website management skills, I’ll make a separate page for our little ‘testimonials’ so they’re all in the one place…

Margaret from Seaton called today after a broken strap repair today to say: “I told Jack I was going to call and say what a wonderful job he did and to say thank you for seeing me so promptly.  Jack’s very knowledgeable and personable, I was happy with the price, I will definitely call you in future, I was just thrilled to bits.  Please send me some of your flyers so I can hand them around, there are lots of people with roller shutters in this neighbourhood!!”.

Remember you’ve got the power to brighten someones’ day as well – it’s very easy to complain when we get bad service, so I always try to take a moment to thank someone when I get great service.