Adelaide’s roller shutter repair man missing in action!?

Our customers will recognise our dapper roller shutter repairman from our fleet trucks, website and paperwork:

The Roller Shutter Repair Man!


Unfortunately, one of our roller shutter repair men is now missing in action!  Sometime last night one of the pair of our signs for our Nissan was (presumably) pilfered….leaving us anxiously awaiting news of his wellbeing and whereabouts.

Luckily he’s a good looking chap, so he won’t be hard to recognise.  If you happen to see him looking lost around the streets of Adelaide, you can help us out by doing two things:

1/ please take note of our number for your future roller shutter repair needs and,

2/ please take note of our number and call us to reunite our team!

We do cover all of Adelaide to fix roller shutters, so we’ll be able to drop past and pick him up pronto, wherever he’s gotten to!  Thanks all!