Second hand roller shutters – tips for bargain hunters!

In our previous blog we covered some points to consider when thinking about second hand roller shutters.  Here are a few specific things to look out for to ensure you’re buying shutters you can use – not just good looking scrap metal! BARGAIN TAG

The first to check is fit.  Ensure that the roller shutters, including the guides, (those rails running vertically framing either side of the roller shutter) are at least 100mm wider than your window.  Any less and you run the risk of not being able to securely fasten the roller shutter across the face of the window.

You can buy a shutter that is much wider than your window; it won’t affect the operation at all, it might just look a little strange if you go too much wider than your window.  You can have an oversized shutter trimmed down, though you will probably want this done by someone with expertise in roller shutters, so factor in some extra $$ to have this done if necessary.

You’ll also need to check the height (or drop, as we call it).  You can kill two birds with one stone here by asking to have the shutter curtain fully rolled out: you can confirm the actual height measurement while also inspecting the slats and curtain for any obvious damage, marks, or other issues.  Again, you can shorten the height of a curtain to match your window, or even leave it as is; however adding extra height will mean additional $$ to extend the curtain and may cause issues with colour matching particularly if the curtain is faded.  We can certainly help with any of these issues (if you’re buying a roller shutter in Adelaide that is), even the faded curtain colours, but if your aim is to proudly claim you’ve scored a bargain and done it all yourself, you’ll want to try and avoid these issues to start with!

If buying motorised, ask to see the roller shutter in operation if it’s still installed.  If not, can it be plugged in somewhere so you can at least hear the motor work and see the curtain move up and down – even if it’s only a few cms?  With a motorised shutter, it might be operated by a wall switch or remote control; make sure these are provided and operational to save yourself headaches down the track in sourcing replacements.

There are plenty of things to watch out for if you’re set on hunting a second hand bargain; we’ve covered just the basics here and we hope our tips are helpful!   If you’ve a question that we haven’t been able to cover in this brief article, feel free to contact us and we’ll assist with advice where we can.