Second hand shutters

Lately we’ve been getting calls from customers looking to install second hand roller shutters. While this can be a great way to save money, it may also lead to greater expenditure and headaches down the track.

Psst…wanna buy a roller shutter?


Some issues are those universal ones faced when buying second hand.  Is the description accurate?  Have they been installed before or are they really ‘never used’?  How old are they?   Do they work?  Is it really a deal that’s too good to be true, or is there a catch?

Then there are the potential issues specific to roller shutters.  Firstly, fit: is the roller shutter wide enough to cover your window frame?  Is the shutter long enough to cover your window?  If it’s a motorised shutter, does the motor work?  How is it powered – solar/240V/12V battery?  Does it come with all required accessories?  If it needs a remote control, does it have one?  If not, can you easily find one?  Unfortunately, some problems may not be evident until the shutter is being installed.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when buying secondhand, so as a rule we can’t accept installation jobs for second hand shutters.  We are quite happy to provide advice to people wanting to DIY however:  give us a call or email us if you have any questions about your shutters.

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It’s not impossible to buy secondhand of course; there are some bargains out there, particularly for the skilled DIY’er.  We’re happy to provide advice to help along the way even though we don’t install second hand shutters – stay tuned for our next blog where we’ll give you some tips to try and get the best outcome when buying second hand roller shutters.

And remember folks, new custom made roller shutters might be more affordable than you think in the long run (a well installed, constructed and maintained roller shutter should last you well over 30 years).  Sure, the investment may be higher than secondhand, but there’s no need to worry about how to install them – and if you buy your new roller shutters from us, you’re covered by a 5 year repair/replacement/refund guarantee…not to mention you get to choose the colour!