Shutter Rejuvenation, Chapter 2, Accent Slats Continued!

In our last blog we started looking at options for homeowners to spruce up older or out of style roller shutters.  For roller shutters with ‘accent’ slats, there are a few options to change the contrasting colour in your curtain.  One option is to replace those individual slats with the contrasting colour.  While this may still result in a slightly different shade of the new slats, it can really help to remove dominant accent colours for an overall lighter look.

Depending on how your shutter was made, you may also have the luck to have sufficient slats in your curtain to enable a change-out of upper slats to replace the coloured accent slats.  For example, if the curtain is cream with 2 heritage red accent slats in the lower third of the shutter, the two red slats may be repositioned on the curtain to be closest to the axle at the top of the curtain; and the two cream slats at the top of the curtain moved downward so that the visible part of the curtain is only cream slats.  It’s hard to explain – check out my diagram!

moving accent slats

This option won’t be available to everyone, and will depend on whether your roller shutter has those “extra” couple of slats.   Also, if you have too many accent slats, it’s very unlikely there will be enough extra slats to replace the coloured accent slats.  There’s unfortunately no guarantee that you will have sufficient ‘extra’ slats to do this, even if you only have 2 accent slats.  You’ll need to check what your shutter has before banking on this solution.

Again – remember – no painting of slats!  Instead, stay tuned for our next article for yet another option for revamping an older roller shutter curtain!