Shutter Rejuvenation – Chapter 3, Borders!

In our last posts, we covered some options for removing old ‘accent’ strips from roller shutter curtains.  Chances are, if you’ve got a roller shutter with accent slats, those slats probably match the “border” of the roller shutter: the pelmet box, guides and bottom bar.

After a gorgeous roofing and verandah renovation, rejuvenating these shutters would make the front shine! The previous brown guttering & trim was changed to red; the brown shutters now look somewhat out of place.


While we forbid you to think about painting the curtain of your roller shutter, the outside borders are another matter.  If you really need to spruce up a shutter, you can – WITH CARE – paint the pelmet, guides and bottom bar.  The pelmet and guides are static and so won’t suffer from scratching and sticking problems that may occur when a curtain is painted.  Although the bottom bar is part of the curtain, it’s the absolute last slat in the curtain, so it doesn’t actually come into contact with other moving parts, even when fully retracted.  So you can safely paint the bottom bar as well.

While we are giving you guidelines here on what can be done to rejuvenate a shutter, please bear in mind that it’s up to you to ensure that the proper usual painting precautions are undertaken; for example, masking the windows and adjacent surfaces to prevent overspray of paint, etc.  It’s up to you which painting technique you use…be guided by your existing roller shutter and walls…and skill level!

Stay tuned for our next chapter in the ‘rejuvenation’ series – the wait won’t be as long this time, we promise!