Thinking outside the box

We’ve seen a couple of orders for new roller shutters for garages now, so we thought we’d share this space-saving idea!  Adelaide residents have been thinking outside the box and saving precious garage space by installing roller shutters instead of garage roller doors to enclose their garages.  Why?  To save space for one!

Garage roller doors are quite bulky, and when rolled up occupy a large chunk of overhead space.  If every square centimetre counts in your garage, you may like to consider a roller shutter as a space-saving option; the height and width of roller shutter slats mean the curtain can roll up tighter and will fit into a much smaller pelmet space than traditional garage doors.   You will also achieve total continuity of look if you have your adjacent windows fitted with identically styled and coloured roller shutters.

Have you used roller shutters for applications other than your windows?  We’d love to hear about it!  Email us at!